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Is There Something Like “Stumble Guys Bots?”

Stumble Guys has a lot of features and customization options, but do Stumble Guys Bots also exist? Many players in this game often ask this same question. We’ve given a detailed answer to it.

Stumble Guys has over 100 million downloads so far, which proves that it has millions of active users from all around the globe. When these players start a game, it requires 32 players online. If online users are engaged in another match and a few users get short, this shortage is covered by bots.

What are Stumble Guys Bots?

Bots in Stumble Guys are actually players who are controlled by the computer, not humans. They are designed programmatically to follow certain rules and instructions.

Why Does Stumble Guys have Bots in the Gameplay

The bots play an important role in the smoothness of the gameplay. When a user starts an online match, he will have to wait until 32 players join the tournament. To avoid this waiting time, stumble guys have introduced bots to fulfill the missing spots and complete the 32 players ASAP so that the players do not have to wait any further.

How to Identify Bot Players During the Gameplay

The behavior of bots has been different from that of real human users. Bots are easy to play against as compared to human players. You can identify the bots by noticing 2 different things.

By Name

The naming system of stumble guys bots is based on a simple pattern. It starts with “stumbleguys” following a particular numeric code, i.e., stumbleguys2345, stumbleguys3456 etc.

By Behaviour

The human users usually walk straight or in round motions while the bots usually get stuck in a corner.

Why is Bot a good thing?

Stumble Guys bots are good as you won’t have to wait to gather 32 players online as the game will start before that by filling out the missing spots with bots. On the other hand, if your main purpose is to gather gems, tokens, and money while gameplay, playing against bots is a much better option than humans comparatively because bots are easy to play against.

During the peak time, the number of real humans is more as compared to bots comparatively. During the early morning, the number of users decreases, which ultimately increases the chances of playing against bots. You will win more and will get rewarded more than usual. If your purpose of reaching out this content is to get maximum rewards for free, just download our Stumble Guys MOD APK, having unlimited money and gems.

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