Stumble Guys x Pokemon

Stumble Guys x Pokemon MOD APK v0.39 {Unlimited Money and Gems}

Stumble Guys has become a monster in the industry of Android gaming as it has completed 500+ million downloads on Play Store. That is why industry giants, including Pokemon, are trying to collaborate with stumble guy, named as Stumble Guys x Pokemon.

In the Stumble Guys x Pokemon 0.39, new characters, maps, skins, and emotes are added to the game. Pikachu fans are joining the party for this fantastic physics-based game.

What is Pokémon:

Pokémon, short for “Pocket Monsters,” is a worldwide popular iconic media franchise. It was created back in 1996 by Ken Sugimori and Satoshi Tajiri. Pokémon included video games, movies, merchandise, and other services. Nintendo brought Pokémon to the world. Pikachu was the most successful character of Pokémon. The main reason for Pikachu’s popularity is its role as the mascot of the well-known Pokémon franchise. Pikachu’s popularity has given numerous collaborations to the franchise.

Stumble Guys x Pokemon mod

How to play Stumble Guys x Pokemon:

During the gameplay, you must run and avoid obstacle courses and other spinning obstacles.Here are some valuable tips for playing: Start by selecting your favorite Pokémon, like Pikachu. .Closely analyze and learn the layout structure to prepare yourself for the running by knowing the various obstacles.

Collecting power-ups is essential to keep your character energy-filled during the race. If you prefer playing team matches, try to remain close to your teammates and go forward together with strategy. No matter how much worse situation you are during the gameplay. Try to avoid stumbles and stay strong to be number one.

Features of Stumble Guys x Pokémon MOD APK

Stumble Guys x Pokémon mod APK delivers premium features for free. You will have unlimited money and gems, using which you can buy unlimited power-ups to run as much as you want uninterruptedly.

The MOD Menu of Stumble Guys x Pokemon Includes:

1. No ads: In the original version, the user gets annoyed repeatedly as the ads pop up during the game. The Stumble Guys MOD APK v0.39 is completely ad-free.

2. New characters: This version has new characters from Pokemon. These characters include Charmander, Pikachu, and Mewtwo.

3. New Unlocked Maps: In the standard free version, you will need to play for hours and collect gems to unlock new maps. But in our modified APK game file, you will get all those maps pre-unlocked for free.

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