Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys

Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys: A 2-Game Showdown

A Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys comparison should be done as gamers sometimes mistakenly think that both of these are the same. Both of these games share a lot of similarities when it comes to how you play and how they look.. In both, your character needs to avoid obstacle courses to reach the final destination to win the game from your opponents.

Fall Guys was released for PC and PlayStation only. Within the first four months, 11 million PC copies were sold. While Stumble Guys was released just for Smartphones, you can now play it on your desktop using our provided method.

Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys Gameplay

The gameplay of both these battle royale party games has a lot of similarities with each other. However, they also have some differences that set them apart. For example:

Similarities Between Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys

  1. Battle Royal Party Game: The players try to beat each other and reach the end to become the winner
  2. Player Customization: The character can be customized regarding skins, emotes, and other accessories.
  3. Mini-games: You must go through a series of mini-games and win till the last to become the winner. During these mini-games and challenges, players get knockout, and at the end, only one player remains, the winner.
  4. Obstacle Courses: Both the games have obstacle courses to cross, and each obstacle has its hazardous level.

Differences Between Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys

  1. Developer teams: “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” was published by Devolver Digita, and the developer team was Mediatonic, a british gaming developer company located in London. While the “Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale” was released by kitka games 13 months after the release of Fall Guys.
  2. Platforms: Fall Guys is available only for PC and PlayStation. At the same time, Stumble Guys is available for Android smartphones. Platform difference makes the gaming experience different for the players as the controls and screen size completely differ on these platforms.
  3. Challenges: As mentioned above, both games have obstacle courses. But the obstacles are differently designed and have different levels in Fall Guys and Stumble Guys.
  4. Lookwise difference: Fall Guys has designed with a bean-shaped world while the Stumble Guys has a cartoonish look.
  5. Monetization: In stumble guys, you can buy your desired item using the in-app purchase option, while in fall guys, you need to use the micro-transaction method.
Fall Pic
Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys

Number of Players

In Fall Guys, there can be up to 60 players in a match, and it usually takes longer to finish one round compared to Stumble Guys, where 32 players compete simultaneously.

The Jumping feature

In stumble guys, the jump mechanism is advanced by introducing the dive feature. This option is helpful in certain obstacles, such as spinning hammers, as you can move forward swiftly without any hassle. While in the case of the Fall Guys, you rely on walking and jumping only, making it a more complex and challenging game than the Stumble Guys.

Which one is your pick in this epic comparison battle between Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys? Don’t forget to leave a comment to let us know.


As mentioned above, Stumble Guys and Fall Guys are similar games. And, commonly, many people think that stumble guys took inspiration from fall guys. But anyhow, these are both different games, as explained above.

Both of these games are battle royale party games, in which you have to successfully pass through the obstacle courses and win the game by becoming the last survivor. To find out which one you should play, you need to experience it. In general, both the game worth trying at least once.

Mediatonic developed fall Guys.

Fall Guys came out first in August 2020, while stumble guys was released in October 2021.

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