Stumble Guys x MrBeast

Stumble Guys x MrBeast MOD APK v0.59.1 – The Best Collab So Far

Stumble Guys x MrBeast refers to the Collaboration of Stumble Guys with Jimmy Donaldson, the well-known Mr. Beast, which brings many new features and levels to the game. The Mr. Beast’s additional features are released in the Stumble Guys 0.59.1 version.

Two new levels are introduced in this collaborated version: “Abducted Avenue” and “The Warehouse.” Certain new Emotes, Footsteps, Skins, and Victory Animations are presented in this latest version of Stumble Guys x MrBeast.

Gameplay Design of Stumble Guys x MrBeast:

Mr. Beast itself presents the design of this collab game. This game has new sets of obstacles and gameplay designs which are entirely different and unique from the previous ones. The players of this game have liked and appreciated the latest collab of this physics-based royale battle multiplayer online game.

Stumble Guys 0.59.1 New Levels

Two new levels are introduced in this Collab. Both these levels, designed by MrBeast, aka Jimmy Donaldson, are prepared perfectly. These levels have brought a new twist to the game’s gameplay.

1. Abducted Avenue:

Stumble Guys x MrBeast Abducted Avenue

This exciting continuation of the original Abduction Avenue features broken roads, police road blockers, Gigantic skyscrapers, and chaos-filled air throughout the level. The stumblers will have to face novel challenges such as Alian lasers, low gravity, and UFOs.

The players will run through an asteroid field, trying to avoid falling asteroids, taking risky jumps, and preventing themselves from wrong turns to win the race. The wrong turns will take the players on another ride.

2. The WhareHouse

Stumble Guys x MrBeast warehouse

The warehouse that has been added to Stumble Guys x MrBeast has been inspired by the real warehouse of Mr. Beast. Mr. Beast himself has designed the obstacles on this map. The feel of playing this game in a closed area (warehouse) adds some extra thrill to this version of the game.

The New Shard System:

This Stumble Guys x MrBeast has a new shard system to unlock certain features, including cosmetics. The player will have to collect shards during the gameplay. Different shard combinations are required to unlock various products.

Stumble Guys x MrBeast shard wheel

The unlocking of items varies based on the rarity of the shards. The shard can be obtained from various sources while racing toward the final destination. These sources are:

  • Wheels
  • check: Offers
  • Stumble Pass
  • New Tournaments
  • Events
  • Missions

If you collect some extra shards which are excessive from the requirement of a particular product that you want to unlock, it will be marked as a “duplicate.” The duplicated shards will not go to waste and automatically get converted to “EXP.” The EXP can be used to take some additional benefits and rewards.

How to get Mr beast Skins

You can get Mr Beast skin using four different methods. All are explained below:

1. Roulette: By spinning roulette every day, you can get the skin. But the chances are rare. You can get a spin by using 30 Beast bucks and try again and again.

2. Using gems: By using 1200 gems, you can activate a premium pass. After activating the stumble pass premium, you must try your luck by repeatedly playing to get legendary skins. Upon reaching level 26, you will unlock the beast skin.

3. In-app Purchase: You directly buy gems using the in-app purchase feature and convert them into Mr Beast skins.

4. Using Stumble Guys MOD APK: By using our provided modified APK of Stumble Guys, you will have unlimited money and gems. In the shop section, you can buy whichever skin, emote, cosmetics, or any other feature you want to have. It is the easiest way to get Mr. Beast all skins, whether Epic, Legendary, Mythic, or Special Skin.

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