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How to Get free Stumble Guys Tokens in 2023

In the game Stumble Guys, there are three types of in-game currency: coins, gems, and Stumble Guys Tokens. Tokens are used to unlock special items like unique skins or costumes that change how your character looks. To get these cool skins, you need to collect enough gems and tokens. You can get them by playing the Stumble Guys well or sometimes by spending real money in the game. The more tokens you collect, the more special features and skins you can unlock.

While many players believe that obtaining free tokens in Stumble Guys is impossible, we have thoroughly tested various methods to acquire them without spending any money. These methods may be tedious and time-consuming, but they can help you obtain your desired skins without any cost.

Why Do we Need Stumble Guys Tokens?

By using these tokens, you can unlock a wide range of skins. Stumble Guys offers around 220 different skins that fall into categories like common, epic, special, legendary, rare, and mythic. So, it’s a great way to enhance your in-game appearance and abilities without having to dip into your wallet. Tokens in Stumble Guys are primarily used to unlock skins, with the minimum requirement for an epic skin being 35 tokens.

The number of tokens needed can vary based on the rarity and uniqueness of the skins. Additionally, Stumble Guys tokens can also be used to buy tickets for special in-game events. These benefits of tokens lead many players to search for ways to obtain free tokens in Stumble Guys. You can get your desired items using these tokens from the shop section of Stumble Guys.

stumble guys tokens

5 Best Ways to Get Stumble Guys Tokens for free

Here’s simplified breakdown of the various methods to get free Stumble Guys tokens.

Free Stumble Pass

Participate in events to level up your Stumble Pass. Reach at least level 26 in the Stumble Pass before the season ends to collect 30 tokens.

Lucky Wheel

Spin the Lucky Wheel and win random tokens. You can spin it every 15 minutes by watching ads. There’s a 25% chance of winning tokens in a single try, making it a good way to earn them.

Referral Program

Invite friends to play Stumble Guys through the referral program. If your friend signs up and completes certain challenges, both of you will earn tokens.

Duplicate Skins

If you obtain a skin you already own, whether through the Lucky Wheel or Stumble Pass, you’ll receive tokens as compensation.

Tournaments for Pros

Skilled players who have mastered all the maps can participate in tournaments by spending gems. Winning a tournament can earn you 30 stumble tokens.

These methods offer opportunities to collect tokens without spending money in Stumble Guys. Remember to enjoy the game and explore other posts for tips to improve your gameplay and performance. If you have any game questions, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance.

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