Stumble Guys Banana Skins

How to Get Stumble Guys Banana Skins 2023 {Updated Method}

Stumble Guys Banana Skin has obsessed every player of this game. It’s gained popularity in the gaming community because of its unique features and benefits. The correct use of Banana Skin can prove quite handy during the gameplay. Stumble Guys has various types of Banana Skins, and we’ll explain each type, along with its features and benefits in detail below.

The 2 main benefits are that you can use it to defeat your competitor, and it can also be used to change the appearance of your character. There are 9 types of Stumble Guys Banana Skins. These skins belong to either the legendary or mythical category. The users who have these skins are normally considered as senior and expert players of this game.

Ways to Get Stumble Guys Banana Skins

To get Banana skins, you need to buy them from the shop section of Stumble Guys using Gems, which can only be purchased using real money. A free way of getting it is to use our provided Stumble Guys MOD APK or Kipas Guys, which has unlimited money and gems, so you can buy whatever you want.

Types of Banana Skins

  • Obsidian Darkpeel
  • Peel Out
  • Splitz
  • Golden Banana
  • Diamond Banana
  • Banana Guy
  • DarkPeel
  • Unpeeled
  • Super Banana
Stumble Guys Banana Charactors

What Does Banana Skins Do?

Change the Look of Your Character: Banana skins give a unique shape and look to your character, which c you psychological dominance over your opponents. Cause Slipleryness for Your Opponents: These skins look like peels. You can throw it in the way of your opponents to make them fall (Stumble, at least) because these are slippery.

Difference Between the Multiple Types of Banana Skins:

The main purpose of all the banana skins is to make your opponent fall because of slipperiness. However, they differ on the basis of rarity. The most common one is Banana Guy Skin, which the Golden Banana Skin follows. The most difficult skin to obtain is the diamond banana skin.

These skins also differ color-wise. Everyone has a different colour. For example, the common one has a yellow colour, and the golden banana skin has a golden shade. The rarest one has an obsidian dark peel. These Stumble Guys Banana Skins can help you defeat your opponent easily if you learn how to use them properly.

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