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Best Way to Change Stumble Guys Name Color 2023

If you are looking to learn how to change stumble guys name color?, keep reading. Stumble Guys allows its users to make a lot of customizations, such as different skins, emotes, etc. These customizations are applauded by its users, which are now above 500 million. For some users, just customizing the costumes is not enough; they want to change the minutely noticed things such as name color in Stumble Guys.

Changing the Stumble Guys name color is possible and, in fact, easily doable. Below, we have discussed all the required details step-by-step. What are the available color options for customizing your name in the game Stumble Guys? By default, Stumble Guys has a white name color, but you can change it. Stumble Guys allows you to change your name to 5 different colors, including Red, Yellow, Pink, Orange, and Maroon. You will need to use the color code in order to acquire it; the color codes are given below:

You will need to use the color code in order to acquire it; the color codes are given below:

Stumble Guys name color codes
Stumble Guys Type Name Code
Stumble Guys Name Color

Step-by-Step Guide to Change the Stumble Guys Name Color

Gamers often watch gameplay YouTube videos of their favorite game. Most of the YouTubers use red name color in their Stumble Guys. That is why the red color has become the most famous one. To edit your game name in Stumble Guys, please follow these steps:

  • Open the game and tap on the profile icon, which is normally located at the top-left side of your display.
  • Click on the pencil-like icon to start editing your name.
  • Enter a script code that represents an arithmetic algorithm. Each script code corresponds to a different color.
  • As mentioned in the table above, every color has its code. For example, if you want the red name color in Stumble Guys, you need to use the Foo color code. Use “<#F00>Your Name” in the text field to change your name color to red. Use your original name instead of “Your Name” inside the code line. Your Stumble Guys name color will change immediately.
  • If you are getting confused while using the color codes, then you can type the name of your desired color in english inside the script. For example, you will get the red color name if you paste this code in the text field, “<color=red>Your Name”; no color code has been used in this code.

Changing the color of your name in Stumble Guys can add a cool touch to your gaming. So, go ahead and give it a try to make your gaming experience more unique. Checkout further tips and tricks about Stumble Guys here. Enjoy your time stumbling around with your new name color!

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